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We proudly offer Managed, Self-Directed, and Broker Assisted trading accounts to fit your lifestyle and investment goals. Our firm has been a solid place to land for our clients through the financial crisis in 2008 and its aftermath. Our seasoned futures brokers offer superior service and expertise with the backing of our firm's unmatched services and stability. Scroll down to read more about the trading options we provide to our clients.

Managed Futures Accounts

Our brokers work closely with their clients navigating investment opportunities in the commodities and financial futures markets. While some may not be as familiar with managed futures as an investment opportunity, corporations, banks, and mutual funds have been allocating funds to this asset class for decades. In fact, since 1980 managed futures have overwhelmingly outperformed other asset classes. An initial investment of $10,000 in a U.S. stock fund mirroring the S&P 500 in 1980 would be worth only about $288,000. Whereas, that investment would be worth more than $513,000 if it had instead been invested in managed futures, based on Center for International Securities and Derivatives Markets weighting. Learn More Learn More

Self-Directed Online Trading

Get the tools to trade. At G-Force Trading, we know that not all traders have the time or desire for one-on-one trading advice and assistance, and their fees should reflect that. With state of the art trading platforms, direct-access, and real-time futures trading, our clients know they have the flexibility to trade the way they find most convenient and appropriate for their trading style. Our user-friendly products are designed to meet the needs of a variety of trading styles. Each of our powerful trading platforms are available as a desktop application downloadable from the internet onto your own computer, or from a web-based application where all you need is an internet connection! Learn More Learn More

Broker Assisted Trading

Everyone has to start somewhere. With G-Force Trading on your side, you will be able to ease your learning curve. From basic futures trading, to the most complex derivative spread, we can help get you acquainted with the markets. As some already know, mistakes in trading do not just frustrate us, they cost us money. Our brokers are here to provide market analysis and trade recommendations, and to help you with your own trade ideas. We aren't a call center where you will get a different representative every time you call. Your dedicated broker is committed to helping you navigate the markets. Additionally, upon opening an account you will have access to our proprietary research, the G-Force Market Report. Learn More Learn More


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